The 4Directions Community

The 4Directions Schools

Ahfachkee Day School
Dilcon Boarding School
Fond du Lac Education Division
Hannahville Indian School
Indian Island School
Laguna Elementary School
Laguna Middle School
Lummi Tribal School
Quileute Tribal School
Seba Dalkai Boarding School
Standing Rock Community School
Takini School

The 4Directions Partners

B.I.A. Office of Indian Education
Haskell Indian Nations University
Heard Museum
Intel Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Laguna Department of Education
Research Training Associates
S.W. Indian Polytechnic Institute
The University of Kansas
The University of New Mexico-ENAN
The University of Texas

About The 4Directions Community

The 4Directions project is creating a community of educators and others interested in educating Native American students. As can be seen by the list to the left of your screen, technology has allowed our community to transcend geographic barriers and collaborate throughout the nation, potentially the world.

The Internet and World Wide Web are used as tools for research and communication with experts who otherwise would not be available in the remote areas where participating schools are located. Teachers and students will also be able to use the Internet and World Wide Web to communicate and collaborate with other schools and classrooms working on similar or joint projects. Educational resources created by educators of Native American students such as multimedia presentations, lesson plans and classroom activities are collected and stored in a database where they can be accessed by 4Directions participants and others. These resources provide a common place to share activities that integrate technology and culture into the classroom.

The 4Directions community expands each year to include four new schools as participants. Applications are accepted and the new schools are chosen by the current partners. Although not every school can be a part of the collaborative, everyone is welcome to contribute to the project and benefit from our experiences. Keep watching the web site for updates.

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